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My name is Bart Bolluijt, currently graduating Master student Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology. I am a design freelancer, focused on future developments in technology. With a foundation of academic research and exploration, I seek to explore the way we should interact and experience intelligent products, extrapolated on the trends of the state of the art of the industry today. That is why I focus on Design-Fiction.

In my skillset, I try to combine the power of design with the strengths of multi medial prototyping and storytelling. From my passion found in the audio-visual world, I am able to build worlds and immerse people in possible scenarios. Not only the visual is important, but covering dimensions such as sound and touch are important too. In the created scenarios I propose concepts to evaluate their place in the future, or ask relevant questions through design fiction.

Your can read more about my vision on design and the future on my personal design portfolio: bartbolluijt.com